The Overview Effect / Space and Social Change
Author Frank White discussed at length this type of epiphanic experience in space and from imagery from space in his book, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution.  White described this phenomenon as:  "A complex and profound meta-experience that astronauts and cosmonauts have reported that runs the gamut from a type of spiritual experience to a realization that we humans, as separated as we are by all manner of boundaries, are, in the final analysis, the progeny of one precious world with a thin veneer of atmosphere." This unique perspective is shared by just over 400 human beings. As such, a problem currently exists. The global public has never seen “the big picture."
-- Jun Okushi, Marilyn Dudley-Flores, Space and Perceptions of Space in Spacecraft: An Astrosociological Perspective, p. 4
    (available in the Virtual Library).

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